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Commercial HVAC Repair In Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

You juggle many things as a business owner: budgets, product stock, staff, and attracting new customers are all at the top of your to-do list. Something that slips through the cracks in the maintenance of your HVAC system, and by the time you think about it, it's too late. Now you have a malfunctioning unit, and in the Jacksonville area can be a nail in the coffin of your business.

A tough decision you ask yourself: do you have to invest in a brand new HVAC system or repair it? Thankfully, the licensed professionals at Chills On Wheels can help make that determination for you. Providing affordable and thorough service for our customers is where we shine.

The team here at Chills On Wheels will come out to your business, evaluate your unit and determine the best course of action. Sometimes, something that feels major can be fixed by simply replacing a part inside the unit. We have the integrity to give you that information without upselling you on a new system that you may not need to replace.

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24/7 Emergency Services Available

Day or Night, Chills on Wheels Commercial HVAC Services are here to get your HVAC system working as it should. Call or schedule service now!

How Do I Know When I Need Commercial HVAC Repair?

Many factors can determine if you need to have your commercial HVAC system repaired. It can be challenging to tell if your current system is maintained, and that's what the team at Chills On Wheels is here to help you discover.

Sometimes it can be a simple replacement of a part such as a coil, air compressor, or repairing an air duct. The other end of the spectrum is also true, and it may be cheaper to replace your current HVAC system than it would be to repair it. Our state-of-the-art troubleshooting process can help resolve these issues to narrow down precisely what is causing the malfunction.

Certain things are out of your control (substandard insulation, ductwork, or building seals), but these are factors that the troubleshooting process can reveal so that the following steps can occur. If it is the worst-case scenario and you need a complete HVAC system replacement, with the advanced technology that exists, replacing the unit is very cost-effective and something we offer.

When receiving any service with Chills On Wheels, we will always be fully transparent and give you the information upfront to help you decide. That's the honesty and integrity that you will experience with the team of contractors on staff.

Professional Commercial HVAC Repair Service To Meet Your Needs

Being a business owner is already tricky. The last thing you need to worry about is being price-gouged by someone you've contacted to repair your commercial HVAC system.

Chills On Wheels is here to help your business thrive. We understand that it has a trickle-down effect on every facet of your business if the environment is uncomfortable. If it affects your business, it affects your bottom line; you can't profit without a bottom line.

Contacting us today to receive our top-rated repair service is the first step in the right direction. We will be 100% transparent throughout the process, informing you of what issues are found and recommend the best options for you and your business. Whether it is a simple repair or a complex situation, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Chills on Wheels commercial HVAC Services are one of the most trusted providers in Jacksonville, FL is. With over 20 years of experience, we will get your commercial HVAC systems back up quickly. Call now or schedule a service call; a service technician will call to schedule a time to come by.


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We are Taking Every Precaution to Protect the Health & Safety of our Customers and Employees

At Chills on Wheels, we are taking every step to ensure the health of our customers as well as our employees. We use masks as well as foot covers when we visit your home or business. We do ask that while our techs are working at your home or place of business that you allow them to social distance by staying 6 feet or more away.

At the end of each job, our workers use hand sanitizer as well as dispose of the foot coverings, so there is no cross-contamination. At the end of every shift, we clean and spray down all equipment and vehicles.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are quarantined, please let us know before our arrival.

Thank you for your understanding. Together we can stop the spread.

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